Ferry's In The Jungle

Ferry's In The Jungle
1 Peter 1:22b "Love one another deeply, from the heart."

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Farewell...For Now

Last night we said "Farewell" to many of our most beloved people.  We leave the U.S. in 14 days and Tina's parents were very gracious to host a going away party for us.  It was a super sweet time of chatting, laughing, hugging and a little bit of crying.  Our hearts were overwhelmed with the unbelievably full life God has given us in CO and we trust He will bring another amazing community around us wherever we go.

Here's our Farewell Party Flier ---
We wrote a little note to our guests and thought you would enjoy reading it again (or for the first time!).

Today we go to The Rock to say farewell to one of the most AMAZING sending churches.  Please pray that we can continue to be a blessing to them as they continue to be a blessing to us.  As Bruce (the Senior Pastor) always says, "We are blessed to be a blessing!" and "The gospel was birthed in sacrifice and so it must be lived out in sacrifice."  We gladly walk in these two truths...together!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Our Costa Rica Home Entrance -- A nice place for the girls to play!!
As of late we have had many discussions as a family about home.  Questions include - "Where is home now?"  "Will Colorado always be our 'real home'?" "What will our home in Ecuador be like....exactly?" Some of these questions can be answered and some cannot.  We've focused on the foundational truths of our lives.  God orchestrates things for our good.  He is Good.  We will get to see God's glory and bring Him glory as we surrender more and more to Him.  Huge concepts that even Georgia and Reese are beginning to grasp and stand on in a practical daily sense.  SOOOOOO AWESOME to see as a parent!

Our entry, living room and dining room
We can answer some of these questions.  Yay!!  We have a rental house in Costa Rica for one year.  It is bright blue (the girls love this!) and walking distance from our language school.  We thought you'd like to see pictures...  The girls get all giggly when we look at the pictures and have visions of playing in the rain and swinging in a hammock on our patio.  I'm looking forward to cooking with local ingredients and washing laundry in my "open-air" laundry room ;)  Chris, will probably most enjoy having three settled (more-settled???) women in his life.  Home is wherever God places us and we are excited to be in this Costa Rican home for a year!