Ferry's In The Jungle

Ferry's In The Jungle
1 Peter 1:22b "Love one another deeply, from the heart."

Monday, February 23, 2015

You might be in Spanish language school if...

  • you can't speak English or Spanish well
  • you conjugate Spanish verbs in your sleep
  • 5am is a late wake-up call and bedtime is your favorite time of day
  • when listening to the radio you think a song is in English and then realize it's in Spanish
  • almost everything in your house is labeled with the Spanish word - who says you can't memorize vocab in the shower!?!
  • your favorite study chair has a permanent butt mark
  • you find yourself deep-breathing over disordered flash-cards
  • you start a question to your child in English and finish it in Spanish...and then they answer you...all in Spanish  
  • family inside jokes are now in Spanish 
  • your new shower-song is a Spanish ballad
  • you pray more than ever