Ferry's In The Jungle

Ferry's In The Jungle
1 Peter 1:22b "Love one another deeply, from the heart."

Monday, July 31, 2017

Holy Moly Here Comes The Baby!!!!

I'm not a nurse. And that's on purpose. Life in Ecuador continues to draw me out of my comfort zone and make me scream, "Jesus take the wheel!!" Meet baby Isabela. God's tool for Tina's development. 

The story begins with a phone call. A phone call from the husband of a friend who was expecting a baby any day. You see, April, is a sweet friend that I've come to know through our weekly ladies bible study. She's having her first baby. April's husband called and in his excited, nervous Spanish told me that they need to get to the hospital now! Naturally, I grabbed my friend (who SHOULD have been a nurse, or doctor, or saint!) and we ran out the door.

Arriving to their home we quickly realized that sweet little baby Isabela wanted to come into the world...and soon. We made the trek to the hospital with lots of deep breathing (mostly by me!) and enter the ER. Momma-April was a rockstar as she somehow managed to walk into the ER while baby girl was trying to "make her appearance" in the entryway. Now, keep in mind I'm wasn't having a baby but my inward dialogue would have told you otherwise. Over and over I said to myself, "Don't faint! You can do this! Don't faint! Tina, get a grip! You're not having a baby, April is!" Silly. But did I tell you I'm not a nurse? And that's on purpose?!  

Long story short baby-girl is happy and healthy and momma is a pro. My saint friend who joined in the festivities concluded that the evening "was fun" but my deduction was that the evening "was effective for building deeper relationships through unforgettable circumstances".  Ha!

We can't wait to love on Isabela as she grows and changes. When she's old enough I'll tell her how her entry into this world drew me to my knees yet again.