Ferry's In The Jungle

Ferry's In The Jungle
1 Peter 1:22b "Love one another deeply, from the heart."

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Death brings new life (Part 1)

It's not uncommon for friends to show up at our gate with a weight on their shoulders or a need on their mind. We do all we can to stop the flurry of life and sit, listen and pray together. Sometimes these visits change the course of our week and we often continue to engage for months to come. This is the case in the story we will tell you today.

One of our friends came by with tear-filled eyes and told us the story of their dying family member. This young man was in his early twenties and the doctors didn't believe he'd survive the week. Confusion marked the story because the doctor had explained the condition of this young man's health and his prognosis but the family, being tribal, did not understand the medical terms and explanation. Spanish is their second language and the environment of the hospital very different from their jungle home. 

Our team of believers huddled up for a plan of attack. A nurse friend accompanied Chris and our friends to the hospital in hopes of hearing from the doctor again and translating the information to decrease anxiety and plan for next steps. Our home filled with kids as their parents passed hard hour after hard hour, hard day after hard day in the hospital. Our couches were converted into beds. Tons of rice was made to fill the non-veggie loving bellies of these precious and confused kids. Our car was full to the brim of family members shuttling to and from the hospital. Our kitchen was busy cooking meals for tired moms coming home only to meet a hungry family. We are honored to serve and support in these ways.

The days to come were more and more sad. The family, desperate for a solution, discussed visiting the witchdoctor for healing. Believing friends prayed for spiritual breakthrough and protection. Our joy was complete as on his deathbed the young father accepted Christ and returned home from the hospital with peace in his heart. He died hours later with his young wife and two daughters by his side. 

At his funeral the gospel was shared. We called Ecuadorian friends who were equipped to share the gospel and asked them to sit with family members. The face of this evangelistic wave wasn't ours; it was the face of our Ecuadorian partners. We were along the side, cheering, praying and facilitating. 

We continue in this roll as the reality of this tragedy unfolds. 

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